Ethan C
The positive energy in this place is palpable. John has helped me to meet my physical, mental, and even spiritual wellness goals. Try out a consult and see what I mean!
Penelope A.
Louie, Cass, and their team are all amazing! Me and my husband joined to kickstart our health journey and have been amazed with our transformation. If you’re considering starting with your partner or friend, DO IT!!! Having a partner and a motivating trainer makes the journey so much easier to stick to! The accountability is there! Even if you are planning on starting alone, everyone at Trnsfrm is extremely welcoming and willing to help. You never feel out of place. On top of that, nutrition was creative and super delicious! Each meal was satisfying. 🙂 Any time we had a question about our given training plan or meal plan Louie was quick to respond. I also have to note that Cass is one of the best trainers I have ever had! She kept me motived throughout each training session. ✨
Josh L.
Ahmed H.
Most of the time when you go to a personal trainer they will train you just because you’re willing pay what they ask. But here at Trnsfrm fitness the team truly take the time in evaluating you and your goals. Not only do they make you feel like you’re the only one but they all communicate with each other in order to give you the best experience and training possible. To me that means so much more then just throwing a few workouts and telling me to eat when sometimes we truly don’t understand why we are training the way we are or why eat the foods they recommend us. If you are looking for a professional environment while being outgoing and knowledgeable this is your place to shine.
Katie B.
Christina is an incredible nutritionist and health coach. She is compassionate, extremly knowledgeable and genuinely invested in helping me to reach and maintain my health goals. She guided me and taught me to find a way that worked for me. She helped me not only achieve my fitness goals but to make significant lifelong changes to improve my life. I'm so glad to have meet and worked with her.
Jasmyn S.
I signed up with TRNSFRM & just about a week after I broke my foot which changed the whole perspective of what I was getting myself into. I thought maybe I should wait to start until after my foot is fully healed but I’m so glad I didn’t wait. I continued to meet with my coach once a week & we did just upper body for about 2 weeks until I found out I needed to get surgery. Here I am post surgery, almost 3 months into the program & I have already lost 20 lbs!! That has been with minimal working out due to my circumstances. Let me tell you, the meals have been super yummy! I don’t feel restricted & I actually enjoy what I’m eating. I think the best part is that I have been able to get off my anxiety & depression meds because I have found myself not needing them anymore. I love that all of this is more than just physical training. I can only imagine what’s in store for me when I get to go back to training with them once I’m healed because I’m already that much stronger & healthier 🙌🏻
darleen N.
Christina is the best!! I was referred from a friend, and was a little intimidated to contact her. So glad I did. She is personable and genuine. She helped me change the way I eat and always asked what I liked and didn’t like. Her menus are fantastic. I didn’t feel hungry or deprived of any food. She always takes the time to check on me , and ask questions. She gave me suggestions on changing my exercise, and I feel better than I’ve felt for a long time. For me, it’s been a life style change that I can stick with.
Hillarie P.
I have been training with Paden Limb. He is a fantastic trainer! I don’t have a lot of encouragement at home but when I meet with Paden or talk to him he is able to get me pumped up and reminds me why i am doing what I’m doing. After working out with him I feel great and have tons of energy. He’s helped me figure out how my body works and how to pay more attention to its needs and how/what to eat. He is great at pushing you and keeping you on top of your goals. He is really well priced! I highly recommend training with Paden and Trnsfrm Fitness.
Adrianne M.
Christina is so great! She is supportive, knowledgeable, helpful and creates the most delicious meal plans!
Ben Snow C.
I went to the new Trnsfrm Fitness Gym today and loved it! If you want a full experience of Nutrition and Fitness go see the coaches over at Trnsfrm! One of the most important investments you will make in your life is in your own health.You will receive accountability, friendship, mentor ship, & learn health tips that will help you throughout your life. Don’t waste time at other gyms and go get the ideal experience at Trnsfrm. YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!4 1/2 months later after working hard with Coach Lou I am down 60 lbs. I started at 286 lbs and Am currently sitting at a cool 226 lbs. I am competing again and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life.Feel free to reach out to me directly w/ any questions. I have met with multiple nutritionists and coaches and these are by far the best. I am grateful to be part of the team 🙂
Rob M.
I’m not a spring chicken and had decades of bad habits. Christina has been amazing. Great meals and support. Lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks. That was my goal, which felt unrealistic when I set it. I have told friends and family to work with Christina. She is the best!
Lil S.
Menus were great. It was great to learn how regular food we liked could be made in to healthy meals with just a few changes.It was nice to have the new menus two or three days early, so we could shop and food prep.If we had questions, Christina always made herself available to assist us.
Paden L.
I have been working with the Trnsfrm team for about 6 months now. I always feel welcomed when I walk into the building. Trainers are all very professional and have the desire to help you succeed at every goal you set. The amount of support offered from the team is overwhelming! Nutrition plans have always included foods that I enjoy and like to eat. They cater all food plans to you! That was one of the biggest things I like. Other coaches will put people on a chicken veggie and rice meal plan and that over a few months is boring, I’ve never been bored of my food. The workouts provided by trainers are great! They personalize it to your body. I have changed over 6 months so much that some don’t recognize me. If you are looking for a trainer to improve your all around health Team Trnsfrm is the place you should go.
Cami R.
Not only does the Trnsfrm team help you lose weight but they help with so many aspects of your life! Luis taught me to stand up for myself, put myself first, and make sure my circle is whats important! The team are just trainers, they are much more than that. I am grateful for this team and recommend everyone come to Trnsfrm!
Victoria C.
What more can i say other than Britt has changed my life for the better. In the 7 weeks ( so far) I done the program, I have never been more excited to eat and workout!! My workout and meal plan is individualized for me and my body type. My body has not only transformed, but so has my mindset & the way I view my life. Britt has made me feel more confident than ever before, and I seriously can't thank her enough.
Joshua M.
You only have to spend 10 seconds on Christina’s social media page to see that she can make ANY one transform!! The biggest problem you find with coaches or personal trainers today is most aren’t living the lifestyle are coaching you to live, Christina does!She provides a simple plan that is TOTALLY doable no matter your lifestyle or schedule. For me that was weekly meal plans that are delicious and fulfilling, literally you are never hungry! Workout programs that allow insane growth while not boring. Lastly her commitment to see you through it all... she is encouraging, motivating and holds you accountable to your goals. HIGHLY recommend her!!!
Tammy Ardohain (.
It took me awhile to reach out to Christina because I was apprehensive about eating so much food. Was I ever wrong! I was given the tools to eat healthy and exercise while being supported with every question I had. I was not only taught how to eat well, but taught how to continue to do that long term. She still reaches out and checks in to see how I’m doing and answer any questions I have. Christina is encouraging and motivating and I am so happy I reached out to her.
Trish C.
My husband I did Christina’s meal plan it worked amazing! My husband is a picky eater and only did the meal plan to support me at first. Not only did he end up enjoying the food but he lost 30lbs and is free from the medical issues he was having. We both lost the weight we wanted and have maintained it months later. It is easy to maintain because it isn’t a fad diet it is an actual lifestyle change. Christina is great at keeping in touch and keeping you motivated throughout the process. We would definitely recommend working with her if you are looking to make a change.
Phyllis F.
If you want to drop Weight and feel your best I suggest you go with Christina. I’ve tried every single diet there is and as soon as you get off of it you gain everything back and some. Christina gives me options and I still eat bread and rice and still feel my best. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. Love love love my plan. #bestcoachever
Jamie P.
I can't say enough good things about Christina! She has been amazing to work with and so instrumental in transforming my daughter both physically and mentally. I will be forever indebted to Christina for what she has done for my daughter! I highly recommend Christina!! 5 stars!
Jody D.
We have been working with Christina Haveron for a few months now. She is awesome. Always so upbeat and positive.
Connie J.
I want to thank Christina Haveron for being my personal coach. We started in March and with her encouragement and positive attitude each week she has helped me lose 30 lbs the Health way. I could never have done this by myself, and on weeks where there was just 1 lb lost she would get on and remind me why I was doing all this hard work. I have 7 Children and 17 Grandkids and they would like me to stay alive. My son asked me if I would give it a try and I said why not, Best decision I have made for myself in a very long time.Christina was always positive and would send me text all the time to encourage my healthy plan or we would talk about my menu. The great thing about my menu was it was all the things I really like to eat. She introduced me to other things like the killer Daves Bread and I absolutely love it.I look and feel fantastic, it was great to go shopping too😊Forever gratefulConnie Johnson
Kaylee J.
Christina is the best! Super knowledgeable and flexible. She’s not afraid of a challenge so she will make things you actually like and enjoy for your meal plan. Committed to 12 weeks and lost about 8 lbs and close to 2% body fat. I can see my abs again, which says a lot being a mom to a 16 month old!
Madison W.
Christina is AMAZING! All the help I could ever dream of! I do t even live close and she doesn’t skip a beat on checking in on me or always making sure I’m on track! Her meal plans and work outs are perfection! I have lost 10 ponds(my goal) and maintaining it is so easy with her help! Oh and let’s not forget all the amazing complements I get on my body’s transformation! That you girl! You rock!!!
Andrea C.
Trnsfrm is amazing! They build you up while helping you along your journey. Such an uplifting community and program! I would absolutely recommend Christina to anyone! Can't beat the Real Deal!
Brook H.
I don’t even know where to begin to express how my life has changed since signing up with Britt. Not only is she my coach but also she is a mentor to me and a friend she listens to me when I just need a friend to talk to and to answer my question about the journey I have started. My favorite thing about Britt is she is willing to listen but also say what I need to hear even if I don’t want to hear it. The truth hurts but the journey is accepting the process and knowing your limits.
Raul C.
Since the beginning of working with the TRNSFRM team I have always felt welcomed. The amount of time they are willing to spending helping and guiding You Into achieving the best of your goals is unreal. Every single time I am around them, I seriously learn something new, either on fitness or nutrition. The individual work rate still has to come forward from you at maximum level every single time both at the gym and outside the gym but they will all point you in the direction needed to achieve the best of your abilities.Outside of fitness, I can proudly say each of them are just more brothers and sisters of mine.Thank you.Raul Cavazos.
Dejon W.
Amazing staff... always pushing you to be the greatest you, you can be
Cameron P.
Trnfrm fitness has not only changed me physically but mentally. It’s has been the best choice I made becoming apart of trnsfrm. From the friendship I’ve made, to people now in my life. They are more than coaches for physical appearance but mental and life coaches. If you are looking for a coach, stop, get a consult, see for yourself and you won’t be disappointed. Each coach, Luis, Yohan, cass, Britt, Christina.... every single one will have an impact!
Raven E.
Working with Trnsfrm is probably the best investment I could have made for myself. I’ve been working with Luis since the end of February and it really has been so life changing and eye opening for myself. You really do have an entire team behind you!! Not only do all of the coaches get involved with you but all of the other people working with them as well. You really feel like a family, and they are all your biggest supporters and want you to succeed. You won’t regret your decision to start working with any of the amazing coaches they have on staff.
Alexandra P.
Yohan is top tier! If you want someone who pushes you to the limit, truly cares about your whole being, and aligns with your own unique goals then he is your guy. Always brings the energy flow and positive vibes. If you want a lifestyle change, if you’re looking to start from rock bottom, or if you’re wanting to take your body to the next level, it’s time to see him! Accommodating to all and high level professional. The whole team is great. Get in NOW. . . It’s time. 🔥
Shera I.
I knew for a long time that I needed help with my low energy and not so healthy eating habits. Watching Christina with her own transformation and the help that she has provided for so many people gave me the desire to reach out to her. I knew if I had someone to meal plan for me and someone that I would be accountable to would help me in my own transformation and education on a better healthier lifestyle. I was struggling with low energy, stomach issues and headaches. Once I started on Christina’s meal plans I have had way less headaches and way more energy. I feel leaner and toned and would definitely recommend Christina to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle. She is awesome!
Kenan M.
Where do I even start..... I came into this lifestyle as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict!!! I was fighting many Demons day in and day out !!! I needed a change I need guidance to the right track and these guys changed my life in the gym and my personal life . Now I’m on the journey on becoming a pro men’s physique competitor . Love the team and everything they stand behind it
Steven F.
Christina knows how to get it done. She is great to work with and is there for guidance. I'm 54 and excited to see stubborn bellly fat dissappear. In three months, I lost 17+ pounds, eating good food. I learned the value of meal planning and keeping track of my macros, etc. I'm impacted for life!
Nicole K.
I started working out with Cass a few years back, she has learned how my body reacts to different foods and workouts. She not only helps you reach your fitness goals but helps you mentally reach your goals as well. She is the best!!!
Ashley A.
The TRNSFRM Fitness team is solid! When I came to Luis to help me with my goals, I was underweight and lacked any fitness or nutrition knowledge. I have been working with Luis for about 6 months and with his guidance and expertise I’ve been able to gain healthy weight and learn so much my body and fitness! Even my young children have noticed the changes I’ve been making and have taken an interest in living healthier! I can always count on Lou for a fast response to any questions or concerns I have! I love being a part of this team, they understand each person is different and give you a custom plan based on your goals! This team really values every one of their clients!
Troy A.
Christina has really helped get my wife and I started on this journey to better health we’re down 40+lbs in just a few months. Eating right and never feeling hungry has opened new doors for us to. Our journey isn’t over yet but has been a good ride so far and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.
Kurt Z.
I lost a bunch of weight/inches with Christina's help! She not only supported me each step of the way, but taught me about how to fuel my body with the right foods, tailored for my specific body type, age, etc. I thought I was pretty good with food, but I had it all wrong. I was starving my body, not fueling it! I feel better than I have in years and am having no trouble at all maintaining a healthy weight ! Thank you so much! If you really want to permanently change your life and feel 10 years younger, give Christina a call!
Joy Z.
I was so reluctant to sign up with Christina and have accountability for my exercise and eating! I consider myself to be in pretty decent shape, I don't eat terrible, and I workout about 5 times a week but I never could get the little lar of fat off that I desired. So, I thought ok I'll try it for a few months and see... Well I was shocked at how much I was eating and I started seeing results from all of my hard work! I feel leaner and educated about how to make better choices with what I eat! Thank you Christina for constantly motivating me and showing me the light! I would highly recommend working with Christina, she is committed to helping people live their best life!
Tara G.
The whole team here is amazing! They're all so positive and always believe in all their clients, especially when you have doubts! I recommend them to anyone looking to lose weight, gain strength, or anyone who just needs some self love or self confidence!!I lost 60 lbs with Lu and Cass and gained 100% self confidence!
Ricardo G.
I had the opportunity to work with Louie and Yohan during my transformation. They helped me learn about food, how to feed my body, they taught me how to work out and so many other things.They have a team full of great people and always willing to help.Definitely a 5 star
John G.
Simply incredible, before I got to them I tried everything, online diets, figuring out my own macros, I worked out six days a week. THREE WEEKS after working with Luis I was seeing incredible results, in less than a year he was guiding my fitness journey places I only DREAMED it could go. It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey, just beginning or a seasoned veteran Luis and co will maximize your potential, LITERALLY transform your life, and all the while providing an incredible support group. To anyone and everyone, from the bottom of my heart, come join the Transform FAMILY so we can be our beat selves together.
Rachel H.
I have been working with Christina and she has helped me get back on track with fueling my body with the right foods. I had gotten into a rut of under eating, then over eating out of frustration. With the help of Christina I now now what to eat and how much so I feel my best. She was able to create meal plans that my entire family liked. My whole family lost weight and we enjoyed the food! The best part is that my two daughters learned that you can eat good amounts of healthy food but lean out your body. My kids would not have eaten the meal plans if it was chicken and veggies all the time... we had tacos, spaghetti, chicken chili, and other tasty foods and lost weight! Christina regularly checks in to hold you accountable, which definitely helps keep you on track!
biscuit T.
My husband and I started this New Journey a little skeptical. But wanted to try it anyway. The plan is so easy to follow and if a meal doesn't work out for us, Christina is So willing to change things around for my husband that is a truck driver( Not too easy to eat a salad while driving).I would recommend this plan to anyone!!!! The food is Amazing and filling!!!! We didn't have a ton of weight to lose, but we feel so good, so healthy, and more energetic!!!!! Don't get me wrong....there were a few days that I had to push through....cause my body wasn't use to so much protein and healthy food!!!We now have the wisdom and knowledge to know what to eat and how much to eat on a day to day basis. Thanks Christina Haveron for the Healthy changes you have made in our whole family!!!! Side note....my kids even Love the dinners( and yes, they ate the same meal plan as us almost everyday!) Some days I bought pizza for them. Lol
Tami H.
Signing up with Christina was the best decision ever!! I tried really hard to talk myself out of it. I was so ashamed of my weight, and the thought of failing. I had the mindset that I would never be able to lose weight because of my thyroid and other health problems. She promised me that if I followed the plan I would lose weight and feel better. The difference in how I felt within the first week was amazing and just continues to get better. I have lost almost 40lbs and the best part is I don’t feel like I am dieting. The meal plans are great. They taste good and I never feel hungry. This has been life changing for me. I still have my ups and downs but Christina has a way of pulling me out of those ruts and getting me back on track! Love her, and this program. She is the best!!!❤️❤️
Vickie D.
I am 53 years old, I have tried many diets, and have been able to lose a little, but never could get past a certain point and I would gain it all back and then some. People said it was my age, i believed them. I ate about one meal a day, couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t loose my weight. Christina has taught me the healthy way to eat and the importance of each meal and the snacks between each meal! She’s taught me to have faith in what she’s taught me, the weight will come off! I’ve lost a little over 20 lbs, and below the weight I could never get below! I can’t believe the amount of good food I get to eat each day! I love this lifestyle change, and the energy I have! Thank you Christina Haveron!!!
Colleen A.
Christina is amazing. . She listens to her clients and works with their individual needs. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to change their body and their well being as a whole !
Lisa S.
Christina has been a miracle for me! Eating tons of the most delicious food and loosing weight safely and steadily. You can’t beat that! It’s always very nutritious food and plenty of it. I have not been hungry at all! Added plus is that she’s so kind and easy to work with. She will bend over backwards to make sure you’re happy. I appreciated her cheering me on the whole way, even when I had concerns that eating all this food would really result in weight loss. She knows her stuff. Love this gal!!!Lisa
Tony S.
Christina has been wonderful from day one.My wife and I have been able to gain the fitness and weight loss want without all of the “extras” that normally accompany weight loss programs. You know the hype and the need to up sell you to more products or services.I’ve lost the weight I wanted to in a very short time and have not felt this good in many years.I’m happy to tell anyone who wants to know.Tony
Ryan T.
Yohan has trained me for 3 months , I just signed up for another 3 months .. I have lost 26lbs , I feel better , eat better & am the happiest I’ve been in a long time . Yohan is more than my trainer, I consider him a friend / therapist ... He is amazing and I highly recommend him
Ryan R.
I worked with Yohan for three months. Had some great results in using the gym and eating healthy. Definitely worth the time if you are looking for a lifestyle change. Thanks Yohan
Ryan C.
My lifestyle change began last April. I had somehow justified the lack of focus on my physical health because I was excelling in every other facet of my life...so I thought. Luis has been a great source of accountability and education over the last year. I have seen my body fat drop more than half, substantial muscle gain and most importantly - I am happier and healthier. This is not an experience for the weak or the half-committed. Rather, if you are willing to give it your everything (physically, psychologically and equally, make the investment financially) - you WILL see great results.
soph F.
Yo is absolutely amazing! I started back in December and since than he has really shown me why you have to feed your body with the correct amount of nutrients and why you can eat certain foods and why they’re good for you. Eating has never been so easy, the food plans are so simple to follow and prep for the week makes it so you don’t have to stress about your next meal and if you’re getting enough! I look forward to going to my training sessions and getting pushed to break my own limits. Having someone motivate the way he does helps so much. He’s not just there to train he is there to understand your body and what it needs to improve. I have achieved multiple fitness and nutritional goals since starting with him and his team and can’t wait to keep moving forward:))
Honestly, working with Trnsfrm fitness has been the best decision I have made to truly reach a higher potential in my fitness journey! The coach’s are amazing and CARE about your health, transformation but more importantly about your mental state and it’s growth through fitness. I would recommend them to absolutely everyone & anyone! These testimonies speak volumes.
Meg Q.
Yo has been so amazing and helpful throughout my 12-week health journey. I've learned so much about myself that goes far beyond physical! I'm so much happier. I feel stronger. I'm looking sexier. I especially love the tailored meal plans, and my one-on-one trainings with Yo! Thank you, guys!
Chelsea M.
Christina is awesome! I had gone to the gym and ate as little as possible for years. Christina helped me get my nutrition on point and get the results I had been looking for! She is the BEST!
Chelsee Y.
Love Christina!!! She has changed our nutrition for life!
Colleen A.
Christina is amazing , she has helped me so much with nutrition , I have tried every fad diet , not eating , emotionally eating , she has shown me how to take a healthy approach to food and how to correctly balance my meals. So happy so far ! Definitely recommend her !!!!
UC Warriors 18 U
My wife and I started our journey with Christina back in September. Since then I have lost 30 lbs but have become more muscular than I had been since high school. The real testament is that I had been working out 6 days a week for 6 months before working with Christina. She made it easy to trust her and the process of eating. To me healthy eating has always been scary (I’m so picky) but Christina found what works for me. Now I eat a wider range of foods and in a healthy way. Even when eating out I feel like I have the tools to pick things that will help me with my goals. To this day she holds me accountable and I tell everyone to go to her!! Thank you Christina, now back to my street tacos!!
Matthew O.
TRNSFRM fitness is amazing. Luis and Yohan are two of the best people in the industry. Very knowledgeable and down to earth. Both are awesome to train with. I am stronger & smarter with my workouts. Offering encouragement and answering questions, they know how change / improve any physique. Before TRNSFRM I lived to eat. They have changed the way I think about and see food; as FUEL, with proper timing, down to a mad-science that produces real results. The beauty is I still love food, I just have a much better relationship with it. My clothes fit better, I’m packing on muscle and my mindset has changed for life! Thank you TRNSFRM.
Talon C.
My experience with TRNSFRM was AMAZING. I worked with Luis and Yohan but interacted with the other trainers as well. The trainers here are all focused on working with you directly to give you all the tools you need to achieve your goals, whether it's dropping some weight or preparing for a physique competition. All of the trainers are dedicated to creating an environment where you feel like you can work your hardest without judgement. Not only that, but they also do everything to change your mindset and self-image for the better, like I said, they do everything they can to give you the tools you need to become a better you; physically, mentally, and emotionally. I count all the members of the Trnsfrm staff as friends rather than just personal trainers. That's the difference between this company and others in the same industry. You're not just a number at Trnsfrm.
nev C.
Christina is the best trainer/support system I have ever had!! I’ve worked with many trainers and have never had the attention that I have had with her.She truly cares and listens....she genuinely wants to help and will put her heart into everything she does with you! Best decision I have ever made!!I really can’t say enough. You won’t regret any time spent with her!Emilie C
Kaleigh C.
Even though I live in California, Christina Haveron has always make me feel like part of the team. If you’re looking for a great group that’s there to work for you and hold you accountable. So that you reach the goals you set. Don’t hesitate..Great meal plans to very family friendly.
Taylor S.
I would give more stars if I could, my experience with Yohan was phenomenal.I was hesitant to start working with a personal trainer because while I’ve always enjoyed exercising, I’ve never been someone that’s really into working out all the time, so I didn’t think I could do it. I saw a couple friends make big changes, talked to them, and after a free consultation with Yohan, started the 12 week program.The program includes both training and a nutrition schedule, and was tailored to exactly what my goals and lifestyle were. I’m in school still, and working full time, but my plans were made in a way that worked for me, and were always adjusted if something wasn’t working well. Yo and I talked daily, and met up once a week to keep me on track. I thought it would be super hard, and while it wasn’t necessarily easy, it was pretty simple to get into the routine of.In the 12 weeks, I reached exactly the goals I wanted to, and still got to live my life in a pretty normal way without any massive massive changes. If anyone reading this is on the fence, I was probably in your exact same position, and I can’t recommend going here highly enough. It changed my life!
David P.
Christina has been a valuable resource to empower women and girls to improve their lifestyle. She has worked with my 15 year old daughter and the physical, mental and emotional change that has occurred is unbelievable. Christina is quick to respond and make adjustments where needed. She is passionate about her work and the influence she can have on others. Her positivity is contagious!
Anndrea R.
Christina has a gift to provide judgement free coaching and support. Her approach to connect on a personal level sets her apart and is very genuine. The customized nutrition and fitness plan, mindset guidance and consistent encouragement has been a key factor in my 20lb weight loss in 15 weeks. She is absolutely amazing!!!
whitney H.
Christina is the best! I have been working with her the past 3 months and I’ve seen so many results! Not just weight, but in inches, toning, and most important the way I see myself now. My goal was 15 pounds which I have hit already and it all has to due with Christina and her investment in me. She has been the best coach I’ve had yet, and I’ve done this before. She checks in, gives motivation and is just as happy as I am when I hit my goals. If your looking for a great coach Christina is who your looking for!
Kellie H.
Christina has been great to work with! She is working with my 15 yr old daughter and is so positive and caring with her. My daughter is a picky eater and Christina goes out of her way to make her meal plan something she enjoys and looks forward to eating.
andrus S.
Christina Haveron has been great with my daughter always willing to talk and very knowledgeable
Cheryl S.
Christina is amazing! She has supported me from day 1, helps keep me on course on the hard days when quitting would have been easier, inspires me to push myself harder than I ever have before, and shown me that reaching my goals are possible. She keeps in touch regularly and is always there to answer questions. I have never gone to a gym before or worked out with anyone. Christina made me feel comfortable being out of my comfort zone and has taught me in a way that is not intimidating. She is a caring, hard-working, genuine person and I am thankful for the opportunity to have met her and feel fortunate to be able to learn from her. If you want a legit trainer, she is it!
Cody H.
Luis and Yohan have changed my life for the better! I have lost 60 lbs since i started with them. I have gained a lot of knowledge working with them and they help improve my life in a lot of aspects. All things said, if you want to gain muscle or lose weight, these are the guys you need to visit. I would recommend anyone going to them. Thanks again for everything that you do
Charles P.
Working with Yohan has been an absolute pleasure. From day one he has been there to teach me, answer my questions, and support me in my goals.Since I started working with him my body fat percentages have gone down significantly and my muscle mass has increased. He has helped me get out of the plateau I was in after I spent a year "coaching" myself.Not only has Yohan been a huge help in getting me closer to my fitness goals but he has encouraged me to succeed in other aspects of my life.Yohan and Louie both stay in contact with me throughout the week, and are extremely supportive. It is obvious that both of these men truly care about their clients and they enjoy helping others grow. Not only are they great coaches but they are great human beings.I went to TRNSFRM Fitness looking for a little advice on nutrition, and what I received is far more than that. I have found the guidance, direction, support, and friendship that I need for my journey.
Devon P.
Yohan has been a great help in reaching my fitness goals. He stayed on top of my workouts and meal plans, and was really good about scheduling time to meet with me. I would recommend this guy to anyone wanting to get started on improving their body.
Hayden J
At TRNSFRM Fitness I got the opportunity to work with Yohan. This was my first time working with any kind of personal trainer so the whole experience was a new one for me.And Yohan took that into account and explained everything from the ground up. We went over workouts, meals, schedule, goals, plans, and any other questions I had throughout my 3-4 months there.My journey was weight loss, which I’ve struggled with my whole life. Yohan listens and understands MY Personal fitness needs (because everyone works differently) and honestly a huge part of my success here was him just listening to my concerns/questions and try and introspect and find out the “why” i haven’t lost weight in the past and we then overcame those barriers. An example was a lot of people are motivated to workout because of a trauma or stress in their life, but I’m a pretty calm guy so motivational videos and soundtracks don’t hype me up to lose weight or anything. We found out that for me personally exercising brings me happiness. So when i push myself at the gym hard I always feel good afterwards. THAT is what motivated me when i wanted to quit. I knew that I would be happier in the long run. Something I never realized until we talked it out and found the roots of my weight loss problems.Yohan is an absolute stud, and so is the whole TRNSFRM team. If you want to get real with your fitness goals, these guys will get you the results you want if you follow through on your end.
Jen C.
I enjoyed my experience with Trnsfrm Fitness. I had personal training with both Louie and Cass. They get back to you quick when you have any questions. They don't treat you like another customer, the one on one coaching is definitely what I needed. I saw results in 2 weeks from them adjusting my diet and creating my own workout plans. I love the gym you train in and it has everything you need. They were very patient to work with me which I think is very important. They know what they are doing and I would recommend!!!!
Allie A.
I have nothing but good things to say about Luis and Cassadie. If I can I give them more then 5 stars I would. The experience with them is like no other. They actually care about you and don’t make you feel like you are just number. Training with Cassadie was amazing, I would always leave the gym dripping in sweat, besides a good workout I would have a good time with Cassadie. She is such a genuine and humble individual with so much potential. Both Luis and Cass are the type of people you want to surround your self with. Luis would always educate and teach me new stuff. He would take the time to go over my numbers and nutrition in detail. You will not find treatment like this anywhere. I 100% recommend this program. If you are ready to change your lifestyle don’t think about it twice, do it! With the help of transform you can achieve the lifestyle you’ve dreamed off!!!!!
Jon C.
Yohan is a great coach! If you put your trust in him he will change your life like he has changed mine! I highly recommend him or Louis if you need help with anything towards your fitness goals! They will make sure you are eating the right foods and are professionals with meal plans! They will set up a workout routine that works for you and that will help you reach your goals! I highly suggest you check them out if you need help losing weight or gaining weight and doing it the healthiest way possible!
Nicole G.
Yohan is my favorite person ever! I started training with him because I had been lacking self-motivation. I decided to set a goal for myself to get in the best shape of my life. Yohan motivates me everyday, texts me to make sure I'm on track, and personalizes my fitness plan every step of the way. I can finally say I'm starting to enjoy passing by mirrors and seeing the progress I've been making. If you're looking for a trainer that will push you and won't let you give up, Yohan is the guy for you! Trust me.
Trevor D.
Yohan changed my life. I have always struggled with my body image. I was at 230lbs and my self confidence was at an all-time low. Yo focused on a mind over body lifestyle, and under his guidance, I was able to change my life. Over 4 months, I was able to drop down to 190lbs and my confidence has never been higher. My entire outlook on life is different. Yo gave me the tools and the guidance to change my lifestyle. Unfortunately I started school again so I can't work with him as much as I'd like, but I have the knowledge of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle now. I look forward to when I can go back and work with Yo to work on my mind and body even more.
The Bloom S.
I loved my experience with Trnsfrm Fitness. I learned about what works for my body and what doesn't. I learned how to eat and how to feel comfortable doing what is best for me! Thank you thank you thank you!! Highly recommend.
Britt S.
this is the first time i’ve ever written a review on google and that’s because luis fully deserves every kind word i have to say. you can see time and time again in these testimonials that you don’t just receive physical results and support. honestly, for me, that’s been the easiest part. i have no problem putting in the work he gave me and going above and beyond. that’s not where i need the support. where i need the support is reassurance, i need the emotional and mental support and someone to take my crazy drive and help me keep that a positive. louie and i have become a very close relationship outside of our partnership and i have also created great relationships with many of the trnsfm fitness crew. thankful for each and every one of them and our interactions. i got great physical results and now we are working to fine tune those but also provide me with the knowledge and tools so that i can make this a FOREVER part of my life and not need to depend on them so much. if you’re willing to PUT IN THE WORK, If you’re willing to be VULNERABLE (they’ve literally all seen me cry), and if you’re willing to STICK TO THE PROCESS. This will be one of the best teams you ever join. thank you louie, and the whole crew, for everything so far... i can’t wait to see where we all end up. To the public: i’m as dedicated to them as they are to me and that is rare y’all. put into this what you want out of it and you will not be disappointed ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Derek C.
Luis is a great trainer! He really takes his time to learn about his clients and helps you meet your goals. He educates you well enough so that you may be able to learn on your own on how to live a healthier lifestyle. I feel more in shape than I’ve ever been, stronger physically and mentally, and see life more positively. He definitely changed my life for the better. Highly recommend.
Aaron L.
Hands down one of the best decisions I have made in years was signing up with Luis. The gym was a place I loved but I soon realized I could not out lift a bad nutrition and it had caught up to me. After signing up with Luis not only did he fix my nutrition but he taught me that there was so much more to learn to having a healthy life style then just lifting Weights. Since signing up I went from 24% bf to competing in a competition all within 6 months! I now live a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable one that is simple yet effective thanks to Luis. I will not hesitate to send someone his way because I know for a fact they can trust him and he will help them reach their goals.
Prince D.
Amazing attention and Knowledge. This is what i needed to get my life back on track. Thanks Luis and the TRSNFRM Fitness Team
Karina P.
Working with Luis was..... I can’t even put into words! He is an amazing, uplifting human and helped me defeat the plateau I had been on for so long. He listens and sincerely cares about you and your goals. I would and do recommend him to everyone !
Justin F.
Yohan is an amazing guy. He takes you under his wing and teaches you the hows and whys of transformation. And is always available to answer any questions you might have. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He is one of the few that I have met that cares about you not the publicity.
Chris W.
Ive known Luis for a few years. He is very passionate about what he does and he lives the lifestyle he preaches, which is big in this industry. He cares about his clients and is willing to put in the extra work for them. Highly recommend TRNSFRM Fitness!
Sofia S.
Luis is hands down the best trainer I’ve had. Along with his girlfriend Cassadie, they always made me feel so welcomed & made me feel like I mattered 24/7. In my previous experience with another trainer, I was getting my 1 on 1 trainings cancelled & when I found Luis my trainings & meal plans were regularly updated & he never cancelled any of my trainings. He would get back to me ASAP if I had any questions or concerns. He’s taught me a lot about fitness & nutrition. He taught me that I CAN eat most of the foods I like & include them in my meal plan. Going from a 700 calorie diet from my previous trainer to a 1400 calorie diet has been great ! I truly recommend Luis & Transform Fitness to anyone looking to change their lifestyle. 🙌🏼💪🏼 Luis definitely gets creative with his meal plans!
Britney C.
I’ve never been one to love working out, or eating healthy. But Yo made it fun, exciting, and encouraged me to keep going until I found something that works for me! Now I have a routine I love and am so happy with. Now I’m excited and look forward to my workouts and meals. He’s so great at this and I’m lucky enough to get to work with him. I will and have recommended him to my friends and family. I’m sure we will see some great and healthy changes from a lot of people because of his efforts!!!!
Jamie P.
Yo Yassin is so great. He’s honest, personal, cares about your success, and is knowledgeable about the diet and fitness regime! Loved working with him AND loved my personal progress/results while on the program. Couldn’t have done it without him!
Nidia C.
Best decision everrrrrr seriously! Going to get help from Luis was the best thing ever. Not only I was able to hit my first fitness goal ( oh because this is just the beginning I have soo much more in mind) Nooo but really he takes the time to personally listen to you and what you are trying to accomplish here. Let me just tell you if you are trying to have fun while hitting your fitness goals! Well for sure you must go with Luis. But just know he will make you work hard and Cassie will kick your butt as well but I promise the MEALS are great and yummy!! and you pretty much are investing in YOURSELF while having a blast you really DO enjoy it ... I mean nothing its easy! but you learn to say NO I promise that was one of the best things I have accomplished during my transformation. You learn to WANT to be strong and healthy you make it a habit and a lifestyle to fit your NEEDS AND WANTS day by day. You feel like every drop of sweat was soooo worth it. So what you HAVE learned and accomplished while working with the best team is pretty much sooooo damn rewarding. PERIOD.
Stefhanie I.
Luis and his team give you 110% everyday, they make the best meal plans that fit your lifestyle and are custom to your needs! I’ve never felt so good in my life!! I’ve lost over 20 pounds in 3 months, I’ve never felt healthier than I ever have in my life! I’ve learned to lift, train hard and use my mind to fix my body! If you want a team who cares about you personally, are by your side every step and help you reach all your goals this is the place!!!!!
Jadyn O.
Luis has helped me out a lot, I was at a weight that I’ve never been at before and had no confidence. My eating habits weren’t good and I thought eating something not good that day I could just go burn it off at the gym but apparently that doesn’t work. Luis has changed my life I’ve never felt so good, I’ve learned so much from him it’s crazy how fast your body can transform just like that as long as you’re doing what you’re suppose to be doing.
Logan L.
Kristofer W.
I have been an avid weight lifer for 10 years now but wanted to take it to the next level. That’s when I met Luis with Transform Fitness. Luis is extremely knowledgeable and in only 4 weeks has helped me break past my old plateaus and then some! Not only does he address nutrition and training but he addresses mental health through life coaching as well. Wether your just trying to get in shape or you want to take it to the next level, I would highly recommend Luis and his team at Transform Fitness!
Louise has been an amazing nutrition coach/life coach. I have learned so much from him and have transform my body 180%. Eating the right things can change all aspect of your life , from your energy level to your mental stage and confidence! I would highly recommend him to anybody.
Anna Laura M.
There are honestly no words to express how grateful I am for the time I worked with Luis. I had been struggling with poor nutrition and lack of exercise for years and really had no idea where to start. Luis pushed me to get my life back on track and motivated me to push myself even when I lack the self confidence or motivation to do it on my own.I was honestly skeptical when my friend recommended Luis to me. I wasn't sure how a body builder would help me but i'm so glad I took a risk and tried it anyway. At this point have now lost 30 Pounds, I'm consciously making better food choices, and have even started enjoying working out (crazzyyy)! I'm still not at my goal weight but I'm well on my way to getting there! Thanks to my time working with Luis, I now have the tools to crush all my fitness goals and have even started creating new ones I couldn't have even dreamed of a year ago.To anyone that is looking for a trainer/nutritionist/life coach/friend Luis is your dude!! He'll push you but you'll see results!
Anthony S.
I’ve known Luis for a very long time and have had the privilege to watch him grow as a professional and chase his passion. He is extremely personable and knows how to connect with people. Earlier this year, I swallowed my pride and went to him for help. Being a full time employee, part time college student, a husband and father to a baby boy, created an extremely busy and sometimes chaotic lifestyle. When it came to nutrition and exercise, I always had excuses to fall back on due to my busy schedule. “I’m busy”, “Too much going on..” This led to higher stress levels, poor nutrition, zero exercise routines and no balance in my life. It was all work, no play. Once I began meeting with Luis, we were able to find what worked with my schedule and made goals to make incremental progress. At first, it was purely diet since I didn’t have time for the gym. We stuck with a game plan and results immediately began to show! He was extremely flexible, understanding and motivational through this process. He continued to motivate me throughout my journey and provided excellent tips along the way. I am proud to say that I was able to pass my final semester, graduate from the U (Go Utes), continue to excel at my job and lose 30+ pounds at the same time. This not only helped transform my body, but also my ability to think clearly and focus on the task at hand. I would recommend Luis to anyone who is looking to change their lifestyle for the better. Life is short and it’s important that we take care of our bodies so that we can live long and happy lives. Luis can help you reach your goals! He did for me and I am very thankful for it! Give it a try - you won’t regret it!
Maren S.
Great guy & one of the best in the fitness industry!
Cassadie N.
I have worked with some of the "top" name coaches in Utah and my experience with Luis has by far been the best. Unlike other coaches Luis goes out of his way to reach out and make you feel like you are more than just a dollar sign. He changed his own life so he knows exactly what it takes and shows you how to do the same. He truly helps you TRANSFORM & turn health/ fitness into a lifestyle you can stick with!!!!
Luis is one of the realest guys out there! Which can be difficult to find in the fitness industry. He truly cares about all of his clients. And not just the physical/fitness side of things. But about their wellbeing as a whole!
Amanda C.
I’ve found a life long friend, life coach & nutritionist all in Luis. I can’t tell you how much he has helped me this last year. Even when life happens & we lose touch he’s always just a phone call away to help me with anything & everything. You can feel the passion he has for fitness & living a happy / positive lifestyle. It’s amazing to have someone in your life that actually proves through their daily life that it is possible to be so very happy, healthy & motivated ALWAYS! Thank you for all that you do, Luis!
Kortney W.
if only I could give 10 stars id give 11!! LUIS IS AMAZING!!!! Not only is he passionate about fitness and health, he is passionate about people. He has helped me reach my fitness goals that has reflected into other aspects of my life. I would recommend him to every person I know, even strangers! Thank you Luis!!!
Lindsey L.
Luis is phenomenal! Kind, motivational and professional, he’s helped me reach new goals with my fitness and overall health. I so appreciate him and would recommend him!
Paige W.
Louis is THE absolute BEST. He truly cares about his clients. He is extremely knowledgabe and passionate in what he does!! In three short months I have seen tremendous results! I would not go anywhere else and highly recommend him to anyone looking for an incredible health advisor.
Eric G.
He's a really awesome and really cares about his clientele. I highly recommend luise he never fails to help you acheive your goals as long as you play your part.
Alan A.
Working with Luis is a game changer! In just five weeks the changes I’m seeing are phenomenal- and the meal plans are delicious! He’s incredibly responsive and available and works hard to help you reach your goals. Highly recommend!
Jess F.
Luis is great! I've had a great experience working with him. I've been able to eat meals I enjoy that change weekly and still lose weight and build muscle. He's always quick to respond and answer questions and is super helpful and friendly. He's easy to work with and the meals he comes up with are so good! I would recommend him to anyone!
Jose Magana J.
Luis has a genuine and personalized approach to helping one reach their goals. His attention to detail and consistency helps me as his client see the bigger picture. Been working with Luis since may’17 and I’m down 11% body fat and over 30lbs. Those results are solely based on the fact that Luis works just as hard as you do. Highly recommend.
Taylor T.
I went to Luis wanting to lose weight and get back into shape to enhance my modeling career. I showed him what I wanted to look like and he developed a meal plan for me and a workout plan for me each day. 3 months later I’m back where I want to be and have been signed by an Agency. His follow up and response time is unbelievable, when you have questions or something isn’t working for you. He truly wants to change others lives. His success is your success. I don’t think I could of lucked out to find a better nutritionist and coach. I am forever grateful for being sent his direction. 5 STARS across the board!
Brady H.
This guy has changed my life. I’ve seen results faster and through a more enjoyable process than with anyone I’ve ever worked with in fitness before. He taught me how I can enjoy my food while seeing continual progress. Best of all, he’s available, responsive, and truly cares about me as a client and person. This is something you can’t find with most trainers. Luis is more like a partner and friend than a trainer in the simplest terms.
Chris M.
Luis takes the time to educate how and why the process works with nutrition and training. He traps through the plan rather than just telling you what the plan is.
Ashley N G.
I have had an absolutely life changing experience working with Luis at Trnsfrm Fitness. He has taught me self motivation, how to count my macros, how to workout best for my body type and so much more. I had a slump in my training and I didn't feel degraded walking out of my check in and that was huge for me. I would highly recommend him to my closest friends and family. Luis is amazing. Practices what he preaches!
Wedds M.
When talking about something so personal as your weight, there is no one better to do that with than Luis. He has your health as his #1 priority and will be there every step of your journey. He doesn't just build a plan, he structures a lifestyle that is identified off of your needs. If you want to take a step towards a healthier you, he will help you reach that and so much more! The bonus of all this, HE HAS ACHIEVED WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR. You automatically know that your plan if followed will work!
Steve C.
Luis can really help you hit your goals. He’s been on both ends of the journey, so he knows first-hand what it’s like to go through the good and the bad of having a healthy lifestyle change. If you’re looking for someone to get you there and give you the time and attention you need, he’s the man to do it.
Kiley H.
Just in the last two months Luis has helped me drop over 10 pounds and 3% body fat. He's always there when I have questions. He's very dedicated to his clients. I'm so glad he's helping me achieve my goals.
Andrea Garavito M.
I have been working with Luis Pena. In less than 6 weeks, he helped me lose 20 pounds and 3 % body fat. We meet weekly for weigh-ins and new nutritional plans. His weekly fitness and nutrition plans are catered towards your individual goals and needs. As a busy mom and full-time student, he has helped create a plan that works for my schedule. He helps me assess my progress and goals. We also review what "foods" did well with my body and rethink new food items. There is no "cookie-cutter plan." He devotes so much time and attention to each of their clients to make sure they are on "track" to their goals. More importantly, it was important for me to find a coach that worked with me without pressure. I wanted a plan that included real food and no advertisement for products. Never has luis pressured me to try or use a product. Instead, I send him products I would like to try and we discuss if they're ideal for my goal. He pushes me to do "real food" and to move at a pace that I'm comfortable. Luis is compassionate and caring with great attention to details. He is very well versed in what types of foods fit particular bodies. For example, he helped me figure out that my body is sensitive to food with high sugar content!!! He was able to explain his nutritional plans with great detail on how they will help me lose weight/fat, gain muscle and increase energy. I also travel a lot. For example, Luis helps me find the "best" options for dining at the locations where I will be. During a family camping trip, he helped me plan for meals and snacks on "the road." This level of attention you will NOT get anywhere. He is extremely professional and reliable. He texts/emails to "check-in" and make sure you are doing well. This is a plus!!
Kierra S.
If you're looking for a fitness coach that is going to guide you but also help you learn how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, this is your guy!!! He's such an inspiration and is always pushing me to be more than I think I can do!
Luis is a great coach. I have been following his advice for 10 months and it's resulted in the best physique I've ever had. At one point I was his client for 16 weeks straight. During that time I dropped 35lbs and there were only 2 weeks during which I didn't reach my weight goals. The most impressive thing is that he helped me switch it up every week and that really helped me have constitent results.
Esdras C.
Luis help lose 50 LBS and get to 9% body fat, he was there all the time to answer all my questions no matter the time and and motivate me to keep going to reach my fitness goal, he give me all the tools and teach me how to counts my micros and to work out smart, he is the best .
A. J.
Karli P.
If you want a healthier lifestyle, Luis is your guy! Any questions about meal plans, workouts or life, he always gives his best in helping you achieve your goals and aspirations in life. He is very professional and easy to connect with, always lending a helping hand to all he knows.
Shelby C.
TRSNSFRM is amazing!! They've created a process that has been extremely easy for me to follow in my busy life! I highly recommend them!!
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