My name is Luis Pena, as the owner of Trnsfrm Fitness, I want to give every individual the best service and coaching.

I was born in Venezuela and moved the US as a teenager to start the American dream. I attended Point loma Nazarene, and the University of Utah where I got my business degree.

After finishing school, I wanted to continue to pursue a platform in business, but after gaining 70 pounds and being diagnosed with prediabetes, I decided to change my whole perspective in life.

After losing 60 pounds and completely changing my mindset and body, I decided to start competing as a Men’s physique athlete and after several wins and losses, I wanted to continue my fitness journey through the eyes of others and help other achieve ultimate happiness within themselves, just like I did.

4 years ago I started TRNSFRM FITNESS dedicated to HEALTH, BODY, MIND AND LIFESTYLE.

I wanted to focus on Nutrition, fitness and life coaching being known as one of the top nutritionist in Utah is a blessing and I truly love what I do to help others find success and health and my passion grows and grows as I continue to make others better.



My Name is Cassadie Nelson and I am 29 yrs old. I have been a personal trainer for 11 years and I specialize in:

  • Athlete strength & conditioning
  • Speed & agility
  • Teaching mechanics & form
  • Bodybuilding
  • Weight loss
  • Group trainings


With my background as an elite soccer player and coach for over 16 yrs, my intention is to pull the same level of consistency and drive out of you.

I believe everyone has an athlete inside of them just waiting to be unleashed. I love helping people feel confident in their skin because I didn’t always feel that way, but I worked hard to feel strong and powerful and I know my clients can too.

My training programs are not just about looking good but feeling good. I believe how you show up in the weight room is how you will show up in all other aspects of your life. LET’S TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE TOGETHER!!!



My name is Christina Haveron. I am a wife of 14 years to a wonderful and incredibly supportive husband. We have 6 amazing children and enjoy being a very active family.

I have a long history of being involved in many competitive sports through out my lifetime, as well maintaining a very healthy workout routine.

During the past few years, I have spent numerous hours training professionally and have recently competed in the NPC woman’s figure division where I placed in all six of my categories.

After the competitions, I developed a strong passion and desire to help individuals of all ages, types, and sizes to reach their full potential, both physically and mentally, so that they may live life in confidence and to the fullest.



Hey, John here, so about me: I grew up as an army brat, I moved all over the world spending time with people from every conceivable background and culture.

I learned that I can learn to love any place and anybody. I also developed a love for hard work, discipline, and of personal ownership and responsibility.

I always played sports and went to college on an athletic scholarship. Once I had broken my body enough that sports were no longer an option I looked to bodybuilding where I compete at a National level with the very best in the world.

I have been blessed to continuously achieve what I thought was impossible, I have a passion and zest for life and a love for my fellow man that naturally lead me to this field.

Whoever you are, you’re looking for someone that will put endless time and energy into finding your individual needs and concerns and meeting them. Who will walk this journey next to you and assist you, cheer you on, and help you achieve your best self.

Let’s overcome together, face your fears together, and kick some ass together. Click below to schedule, I’m excited to get started!



Hi, my name is KyLee “Hogie” Miranda. I’m married to Josue Miranda and we have a handsome American Akita named Bear.

From the moment I could walk I had a love for sports. For many years I played competitive softball and basketball. Along with high school Softball, Basketball, Track and Field.

I went on to play college softball at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, ID and finished playing at Weber State University. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Human Performance Management with a Minor in Health Promotion.

I’ve directed my love of the game to coaching which I’ve been doing for 10 years through competitive and high school softball.

After college, I needed a new challenge. That’s when I found my love for body building. I am now an NPC Figure competitor and love the process.

My mission in life is to help those around me discover the most elite version of themselves in all areas of life.

I believe that creating healthy habits through exercise and nutrition will not only change your physical health but will have a ripple effect on your mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial wellbeing.



Hi, my name is Vanessa Cuartas, but you can call me V.  I was born in Colombia, but raised in South Jordan, Utah. I am a single mom to a beautiful little girl named Elena, I own a daycare in Herriman, and I am a NPC Wellness competitor. 

I started my fitness journey in 2017.  After going through a very difficult marriage/divorce and being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and ptsd I knew I needed a change if I was going to overcome everything I had gone through, and be the mom I knew my daughter needed. Through fitness and proper nutrition I was able to lose over 60lbs, I learned how to cope with my emotions, how to love myself and gained a confidence and happiness I never thought was possible. 

I joined TRNSFRM in November of 2020 as a lifestyle client, and soon became one of their athletes. After seeing first hand how all of the trainers treat their clients, and how they care just as much about their clients emotional and mental health just as much as they do about their physical health, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to change people’s lives the same way they had changed mine, which is why I am excited to be a part of the TRNSFRM team and help others reach their goals and learn how to become happier and better from the inside out.



Hi, my name is Dillon. I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Nationally Qualified NPC & INBA Men’s Physique competitor.

Raised in Price, Utah. I studied medicine at Utah State University. While going to school, I developed a passion for bodybuilding and understanding the anatomy & physiology of pushing the human body to its limits.

Since then I’ve been training clients and helping others hit their fitness goals for nearly 3 years. To me there’s nothing more motivating than knowing my clients see my hard work and mirror that. I believe coaches should always lead by example and practice what they preach. That being said I expect hard work from my clients because change doesn’t come easy. But, in the end it’ll be worth it.



As a young child I loved sports and being active. I played on many teams while growing up and going to school, but I was never satisfied with what I saw in the mirror. During my senior year at high school I discovered weight training. This discovery opened a new path to achieve my goals.

Six years later, I learned about the 2nd most critical part of achieving and maintaining a desired physique and healthy lifestyle: nutrition.

I learned what it takes personally to take control and gain your desired physique and health outcomes. I became certified as a personal trainer and as a nutrition coach. I plan to continue seeking higher certifications and nutritional education to help others reach their goals and get the body they want.

I coach with the sole intent of taking what I have learned through years to help others lose fat, build muscle and get the body they want faster than it took me. More importantly, I aim to help my clients become healthier than when they started.

Throughout my career I’ve facilitated 100s of lbs lost and 200+ lives changed so far.



Hi, I’m Allie Tedrow! I grew up in Southern California near Los Angeles. My first interest in fitness was long distance running as a young adult and I completed several races, including a marathon. I decided to move to Utah to go to college at UVU where I graduated with a Bachelors in Community Health Education. I met my cute husband Chase Tedrow while going to school here and we love exploring the local state parks and traveling together.

After getting married, I had a lot of inner demons that manifested in over-eating and unhealthy habits. I gained about 85 lbs over 3 years and “woke up” one day completely in shock as I stared in the mirror. I didn’t recognize who I was both inside and out and convinced myself I deserved better. I began strength training, working on my body image issues and overcoming other obstacles in my life; I couldn’t believe the positive change my life started to take. I loved it so much that I completed certifications in nutrition and personal training.

During that time, I lost some momentum and I found exactly what I needed through Luis and Trnsfrm Fitness. Fast forward to now and I’ve lost about 70 lbs total since that wake up call moment. I’m so happy I decided I was worth ALL the freakin effort and I’m absolutely stoked to now be part of the Trnsfrm team as I continue this journey! Having a healthy lifestyle is something I am deeply passionate about and I have an ambition to help as many people as possible increase their confidence, adjust their focus, enjoy life again, and reach their goals. Remember, YOU ARE WORTH IT!



Hi my name Cam Page. 33 years old. Born and raised in Utah. I have an 8 year old girl named Henley who keeps me on my toes. Daddy’s little girl, My princess.

I have a background with being athletic. I swam and played water polo for 15 plus years. Travelled across the country and played water polo nationally. After high school I got into MMA and did that for many years here locally and loved staying competitive.

 I started my fitness journey over two years ago. I found fitness as I was battling my addiction with alcohol. Through fitness I have been able to change my life around, become sober and find my passion with helping others reach their own goals. I have also said I wanted to help people but never knew what capacity that would be until I found this. I love being able to share my story, my past with people that come through here in hopes what I have overcome and dealt with can inspire others to better themselves and progress.

As my fitness journey progress, I wanted to find different workouts, more exercises. I started looking through Instagram as a source to do so. Through my searching I found the sports of bodybuilding and found Luis Pena, owner of TRNSFRM FITNESS. I knew I needed more and I decided to message Luis. October 2019, I became one of his athletes and eventually one of his trainers. I did not know the impact a DM over Instagram would have but it changed my life, it saved my life.

I found my niche in this industry with being a technician. I love learning and teaching about how to properly lift, activating the muscle at the start and being the most efficient with every movement we train. I love learning how to better train myself, my future and current clients.

I am here to help change your life, progress in your personal goals and progress in life. I am here to help you. 



My name is Libby Turner. I’m originally from California and moved to Utah in 2003. I’ve always been fit & active and have a passion for all things fitness & healthy living. I’m a wife, mother of 6, grandma to 3, dog mom and certified integrative health practitioner who loves spending time with family, sports and travelling. We enjoy gardening, canning and food preservation, and raising our own chickens, pigs and cows.

Fast forward to 2015, I was in the best shape of my life and let life become a roadblock rather than a highway and was overcome by stress and anxiety. I quickly gained weight and was slipping into depression. I tried off and on in the years following to regain my confidence & energy with limited success. Mid 2020, mid-pandemic I finally found the courage to take charge and joined a body transformation group that gave me the power to make true change, to my body & mindset and I was able to reignite the fire I have burning for this healthy lifestyle. At age 49 I’m truly in the best shape of my life and competing in the NPC women’s bikini division.

I’m here to guide and empower women OF ANY AGE to not give up on your dreams and goals – you can have it all and feel & look your best while doing it! Busy lifestyles today are a misgiven badge of honor where we put everyone else in front of our own needs. By filling our own cup first we can be stronger women, better wives & mothers and forces of change on our own world!



My name is Kenan Masic, I’m a refugee from Bosnia and I’m a single father. 

Bodybuilding saved my life. Getting into fitness has opened so many positive doors in my life and I want to install that mindset into others. I love to help people gain confidence and own it. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.



My name is Ashley Lamont Patillo. I grew up right here in SLC, Utah. Graduated from Murray high school in 2007. As a kid I played many sports: football, basketball, and ran track. I found my love for weight lifting as a 7th grader going to have football lifts with the older high school boys. Being in that weight room as a kid, I always felt I had to prove myself by lifting what the big boys lifted. Being competitive by nature, I love to be challenged.

I found my love of bodybuilding in 2019, the same year I competed in my very first competition. The pandemic caused many obstacles in my pursuit of turning pro in 2020. But I accomplished that goal in November 2020 with overall honors at NPC Universe. During the year 2021, I competed in six IFBB Pro competitions. Over the course of two years, I have come to learn so much about the body and nutrition.

My goal has become to give back as much knowledge as I can! I joined the team here at Trnsfrm because I believe here we truly aim to help you become your best self!